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If someone were to ask me, "Where do you see yourself at the age of 25?", I cannot imagine being able to predict how much I have been able to accomplish so far.

At the ripe age of 25, I have successfully completed the first manuscript to my book, Living with 2020 Vision: The Mental Health Awakening in the Black Community. I am months away from graduating with my masters in Public Relations and Corporate Communications. Most recently, I am the CEO and founder of the mental health awareness brand, Embrace MH. LLC.  Truly, I am continuously shocked and proud of all my success to date. 

Now, as I'm sure you learned from Episode 1 of the EmbraceMH podcast (available on Anchor, Spotify, Google Podcast if you haven't listened already) I went through so many different obstacles that ultimately introduced me to my ever-growing relationship with mental wellness. Along this mental health journey, I found a true passion for mental health awareness and advocacy. This passion quickly blossomed into the  book, Living with 2020 Vision and ultimately the brand, Embrace MH LLC. 

Luckily, ever since I decided to embrace my mental health journey, my life has completely changed. Now, it's easier for me to find joy and satisfaction in my contribution to society. Embracing my mental health has allowed me to walk away with a great sense of peace and clarity on my next steps in life. I discuss in my book how I learned that even though there will always be guaranteed uncertainty lurking around each corner, embracing my mental health has also equipped me with tools to embrace the uncertainty of life. Whether it be, managing stress from work/school or stress from publishing a book, by embracing my mental health (MH) I have been able to adjust my outlook on practically every aspect of my life. 

I love it here.


Tiara J. 

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